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Exciting Team Building Days For Corporate & Private Clients

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Unique and exciting team building days for corporate and private clients. 

View past experiences at Television Experience to learn what these unique team building days and apprenticeships are all about.

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Our Mission Statement is:

To offer creative people hands on experience through the facility of ‘live’ Television by adding to their academic qualifications and awarding them essential practical knowledge. Bespoke corporate team building, developing leadership and presentation skills and professional practical media training in a television environment”

Television Experience was set up in 2007 and offers the following opportunities

  • - Extraordinary team building for corporate clients from groups of 12-60 people
  • - A practical “apprenticeship” experience for young people, to add to their CV and discuss at any interview.
  • - Corporate presentation training for executives and media personnel
  • - Practical bespoke professional media skills training


This is what our customers say:

Team Building Client


" I am sure everybody had fun. Would recommend to anybody. "

Team Building Client


" I never realised TV was so much hard work! An excellent team building experience, I'll never watch another TV "

Team Building Client


" A great experience. Team Building was so meaningful. Thank you to Jeremy & crew " 

Team Building Client


" Fascinating glimpse of the TV World - best team building exercise I've done, and I've done a few! "

Team Building Client


" A relaxed and informed welcome and great place to spend the day. Good balance of team activities and free time to chat and catch up with colleagues " 

Jenny B


" Really enjoyed the day, great for team building "



" Fantatsic day, really good fun, great set of staff really helpful. Thanks very much "

David B

" Great event that the team will remember for a long time. Thanks "



" Great day and enjoyed myself enormously and really felt the team spirit. "

Martyn MD
Private Sector

" A great day, excellent for team-building and definitely worth doing again, looking forward to using this for any team-building in the media sector "

John S


" A good fun day with some interesting lessons as well "



" Really enjoyable fun filled day, and also some learning about co-operation, collaboration and dealing with frustration(!) constructively! "



"  A very interesting and enjoyable day, a good insight into the wrold of TV. Thanks very much. "