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Exciting Team Building Days For Corporate & Private Clients

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TV Studio Days

For a fun- filled, unique experience why not try our exciting Team Building day. We cater for small to medium-sized groups with a minimum of 25 people required. This is, quite simply, an unforgettable day.

A team building preperation meeting being taken by Founding Director Jeremy Gould.A team building student takes the reigns, having a go at filming some team building day material.​​

Television Experience is original in offering exciting days based in a professional multi-camera television studio. We can promise that your day will be especially rewarding in a number of different ways. We offer to host this unique experience in most major cities throughout the UK for medium size groups. 

TV Studio Days are designed for 25 people and cost from £149.95p per person per day. 

Smaller (minimum12) or large groups up to 100 please enquire via our contact page.

" Great to stand behind the camera, stunningly enjoyable! "

A TV Studio day is typically developed in small teams; Production,Technical and Talent.

Roles that are requested are:

TV Director
Floor Manager
Vision Mixer

Camera Operators (3)
Sound Mixer

Quiz Players
Shopping Analysts
TV Guests

More roles for larger groups can be easily added.

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TV screens are now playing an increasing role in everyday communications and marketing. With “Local Television” in the UK offering an affordable market place, it is essential to embrace this media and in particular the moving image in order to produce informative visual content with good quality sound. We now use internet TV (IPTV) for marketing on “You Tube” and other Social Network sites and we also use Mobile Phones as cameras. All these platforms rely on the media screen which makes the ability to visualise concepts and develop new visual ideas an essential skill to develop.

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Twelve benefits a Studio TV day can offer

- Teamwork at its best: Getting a TV programme on air on time while you are practically working on the production or technical crew.

- Leadership and Management: Can you direct your team?

- Communications: Everyone is talking in your earpiece. You are interviewing the studio guest on air or operating the camera. Can you keep calm and carry on?

- Discipline: Once the TV programme starts you cannot stop or go back.

- Creativity: Can you write or design your intentions and get your message across in the time scale provided?

- Handle pressure: Will you feel the pressure as the clock counts down? As soon as you're live, there's no going back.

- Confidence: This programme making experience boosts everyone’s communication and experience significantly.

- Practical: Everyone gets involved, 100% hands on activity

- Safe and effective venue: Your own TV studio, it’s challenging and you don’t have to worry about the weather. Fully insured with support staff.

- Reference: You take away a full recording of everything you and your team has done, which is a very useful reference for continued improvement.

- Marketing: Improves your knowledge of the media inspiring ideas for future marketing.

- Value for money: A full day of excellent teamwork and co-operation based in a fully equipped television studio and production gallery.

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The TV Studio Days we have to offer throughout 2019 are as followed:

Wednesday, March 20th - Central London.
Wednesday, April 3rd - Leeds West Yorkshire.
Wednesday, April 17th - Birmingham.
Wednesday, May 29th - Central London.
Wednesday, June 5th - Leeds West Yorkshire.
Wednesday, June 19th - Central London.
Wednesday, July 24th - Leeds West Yorkshire.
Wednesday, August 14th - Birmingham.
Wednesday, September 11th - Leeds West Yorkshire.
Wednesday, October 16th - Birmingham.

This is ideal for groups of 12-60 people with prices ranging from £250 to £100 per person, fully inclusive in a professional fully equipped TV Studio for a full 8 hour day.

All prices exclude VAT and buffet lunch can be arranged on the day for a small extra fee.