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Exciting Team Building Days For Corporate & Private Clients

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We provide internships for young broadcasting enthusiasts, enabling them to gain vital experience within the industry towards their future. Television Experience is constantly looking for keen, motivated people who would like to join the UK Film and TV industry. Whether your interest lies in writing, set design or other production skills or you are more interested in the technical side of the industry (camera, sound and editing) Television Experience want to hear from you.

Gain Experience for Employment

Your opportunity to make decisions, work as a team, discover your strengths and weaknesses.

" Teamwork, leadership , new skills and creative fun.  A one-stop discovery day in a totally professional broadcasting environment. "

A group of team building hopefuls plan out there live performance with professional guidance.‚ÄčOne of the managing personnel of one of our team building clients has a go on one of our live film cameras.A team building group member has a try at filming her colleagues in action.

Do you like the idea of working with true professionals?

Do you want a thrilling new "hands-on" work experience that will inspire you and bring out your natural creativity?

Whether you are interested in “behind the scenes” television or whether you prefer to be in front of the camera this is an ideal platform to gain confidence and experience by working as part of a team. 

We all watch TV, so this is an opportunity to enjoy and learn. Join our TV studio day and experience the buzz of making a programme. Become immersed in the technicalities and the creative demands of making a professional production.

This is your chance to work in a focused, creative team with dedicated professionals.  

You’ll gain valuable practical experience in roles such as Director, P.A., Vision Mixer, Studio Camera Operator, Sound Engineer, Vision Engineer, Floor Manager and of course on-camera as a presenter.  Discover something new about yourself and reveal hidden talents. You may surprise yourself!  Many people we meet have gone on to paid employment and some have forged a career in broadcasting.

This is an “experience” not to be missed and an opportunity to gain confidence and to focus on skills in preparation for a creative career in a challenging world.

 Put this experience on your C.V. and talk about it at any interview.

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Whatever career you are hoping for, this experience could be invaluable in so many ways.  It will demonstrate to any prospective employer that you have focus, creativity and an ambition to use your intrinsic skills whatever the career challenge.

Having been immersed in the disciplined environment of a TV studio you will be able to talk confidently at any job interview or when networking your achievements. You will be able to demonstrate how the experience marshalled your thoughts and drew out creative thinking, multi-tasking abilities and personal organisational skills.


"The day has been invaluable.  Having professionals who work in the industry on hand to explain technique and answer questions is fantastic and great fun!  An excellent day. I have since been offered paid work”

A condensed example of the Television Experience logo, using the company initials inside a lense.

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Our TV Studio dates are scheduled throughout the year in Central London and most major cities throughout UK.

Each day is for groups of up to 25 people 

Prices range from £150 per person per full day (exclusive of VAT)

All Studio days are fully insured and comply with full Health and Safety guidelines.

For more details about locations, content and how to register please complete our contact page with full required details.

" A real insight into the work TV folk do every day. Great fun! I would recommend to all and sundry! "

We offer internships to people who are competent and wish to gain more practical experience on all our TV Studio and Training days. You are asked to join our team for a day and we cover your costs and offer a small fee.